Sumi Masatake-Sensei kendo seminar in Moscow

sumi4Dear friends!

We are pleased to invite you to attend seminar with Sumi-sensei (8 dan, hanshi) and to participate in the 4th Russian-Japanese Friendship Cup, which will take place in Moscow on the 23-25 December 2016.
Sumi-sensei is a living legend! Training together with him is a great pleasure and big honor.

Seminar timetable

23 December (Friday): training with Sumi-sensei 19:30-21:30 (Shogun club)
24 December (Saturday): seminar 10:00-13:00, break 13:00-15:00, seminar 15:00-18:00 (location to be confirmed)
25 December (Sunday): the 4th Russian-Japanese Friendship Cup 11:00-19:00 (location to be confirmed)

Locaton in Russian Federation: Moscow, Кавказский бульвар, дом 16, корпус 3.

The tournament will be held for the following categories of participants:
• Children, 7-11 y.o.
• Youth, 11-14 y.o.
• Junior, 15-17 y.o.
• Women individuals (incl. Juniors)
• Men individuals (incl. Juniors)
• Teams (combined, incl. Juniors)
Following the results of the tournament Sumi-sensei will present special Cups ‘For the Best Performance’ and ‘For the Fair Refereeing’
Registration is available.
Seminar and tournament are FREE for all participants!